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Slide Coaster

SLIDE COASTER - THE WORLD’S FIRST HYBRID ROLLER COASTER & WATERSLIDE How do you combine the most spectacular thrills of a roller coaster with the ultimate fun of a waterslide? We are very excited to present the SLIDE COASTER. Imagine the moment when you are strapped into a roller coaster. The adrenaline rises and you begin to sweat. But don’t panic! After you are launched from 0 to 50km/h (> 30 mph) in only a few seconds - with maximum acceleration up to 0.8 g - the exhilaration continues in our high speed water slides. You don’t have to climb stairs or carry a raft; just enter the closed course at ground level and be launched up to the highest point of your ride. The actual length and inclination of the launch track can be customized to meet your needs. The layouts of the continuing slides can be custom designed according to your floor plan. With our patent pending launch mechanism, we can control the strong acceleration of 0.8g in the direction of travel while guaranteeing safety at the same time. This new German technology allows the riders to experience thrills like never before. SlideCoaster is the latest innovation to enhance the adrenaline factor in your water park. Be the first to own this brand new, high quality attraction.


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