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In the summer of 2021, Wiegand.Waterrides brought China’s first indoor and outdoor SlideWheel attraction to Nantong as the highlight attraction of an all new thermal spa and waterpark. This allows everyone to enjoy the rock-and-roll-power of this giant wheel all year around in any weather. The massive 2700 tube slide offers many daylight effects with dizzying visuals. In addition, Wiegand.Waterrides has also built a brand new stainless-steel waterplay tower in aquatic blue colour shades with two different slides so that children can enjoy the water in many playful variations.

228 m


Indoor Projekt


Eröffnung im Jahr 2021


Slidewheel: 130,80 m mit anschließendem Big River: 84,30 m
Wasserspielgarten Breitwelle: 4,70 m
Röhrenrutsche: 7,80 m