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OCT Fantasy Valley Xiangyang

Wiegand.Waterride’s first waterslide project in cooperation with OCT includes the stunning premiere of the World’s first stainless steel eight-lane mat racer giving the park a huge capacity per hour. Also made of stainless-steel, two cannonball attractions are now launching brave guests into the sky while a classic tumble wave slide delights both kids and their parents alike. In addition to bringing joy to tourists and locals in this brand new waterpark, the park’s operations team enjoys the low maintenance of these premium quality attractions.

658 m


Outdoor Projekt


Eröffnung im Jahr 2020


Slidewheel: 130,80 m mit anschließendem Big River: 84,30 m
Wasserspielgarten Breitwelle: 4,70 m
Röhrenrutsche: 7,80 m