November 11/25/2020

Wiegand.waterrides GmbH receives the European Star Award for SlideWheel at Aquapark in Reda, Poland

Wiegand.waterrides GmbH was awarded 1st place for Europe’s Best New Water Slide in 2020 as part of the European Star Awards 2020. The awarded slide is located at Aquapark Reda in Poland and was put into operation on January 10, 2020. The team of Aquapark Reda named the slide Aquaspinner. The SlideWheel - developed by wiegand.waterrides – is a combination of a Ferris wheel and a water slide offering a unique dimension of sliding which is not comparable to any other existing slide. This unique ride experience offers sudden G-forces, backward movements, pendulum action, moments of weightlessness, as well as an incomparable appearance. wiegand.waterrides GmbH already, proudly received several international awards for this innovative product. The first preparations for the construction of this huge slide began in April 2019. With 27.7m in height, the SlideWheel in Reda is by far the highest of its kind. 470 guests per hour can enjoy this ride. The 160-ton colossus spins around its own axis at almost two revolutions per minute. Riders are seated in four-person rafts while splashing through the tube with a stunning diameter of 2.7m and a length of 140m. The world's first SlideWheel was completed in 2018 at Chimelong Water Park in Guangzhou, China. It is the most visited water park in the world. Since then, more than 1,5 million enthusiastic guests have experienced this landmark attraction. wiegand.waterrides GmbH is the only manufacturer to offer water slides in both stainless steel and fiberglass, as well as a combination of those. The portfolio includes wave slides, trough slides, tube slides, pendulum slides, play towers and various attractions for children's areas as well as the world's only VR water slide. The company offers tailor-made and innovative solutions and a diverse range of products made from different materials.


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