December 12/21/2021

New Gamewave by Wiegand

Stainless steel tumble wave slides are popular. In fact, it is still Wiegand.Waterrides' most popular product. These public favorites are available in different lengths, separated lanes - with and without waves - and with a classic plunge finale into a pool or the practical shallow water run-out. There are even floating pontoon versions for swimming lakes that follow the changing water heights. But that’s not enough:

Completely new variants are coming onto the market under the name “Fusion Waves”. Wiegand.Waterrides now offers, in addition to many colour designs, an exciting combination with gaming on the slide or the integration of the popular "Wie-Spray" elements from Wiegand for spray parks. A whole new dimension when suddenly the tipping bucket drains over the entire slide surface! The first interactive gamewave opened a few weeks ago in the open-air swimming pool in Zellingen in Bavaria, picturesquely situated on the river Main with a spectacular rocky backdrop. Mayor Stefan Wohlfart says: "We wanted something very special for our outdoor pool - something unique". He found it in the first Gamewave of Wiegand.Waterrides and couldn’t resist to be the first to personally inaugurate the slide. Guests of the outdoor pool can now compete against each other in pairs in the race for the most points. 3-2-1 go! You have 15 seconds to reach six touchpoints which are embedded in both side walls. That sounds easier than it actually is, because on the wavy, 17.5m long slide, you have to maintain body control! Then comes the big splashdown.

A point display shows - similar to biathlon sports - how many of the points everyone has actually hit! The game encourages several attempts and so the already popular stainless steel tumble wave slide becomes even more the center of attention. Exciting competitions, events and productions are now highlights of the swimming season.


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