November 11/07/2022

New, flexible water slide insulation

At this year's "Interbad" industry trade fair for pool and water technic in Stuttgart, Germany from 25-28 October, Wiegand.Waterrides presented a contemporary, innovative way of saving energy. The concept, called "Insuflex", enables flexible insulation. The special feature: this method can even be retrofitted to existing installations without much effort. Crisis? Chance!

Insulated water slides made of stainless steel and fibre glass reinforced plastic (FRP) have been optionally available from Wiegand.Waterrides for almost 15 years. The system with a closed sandwich element with an insulating layer in the middle has always continued to allow easy control of the joints (flanges) of the slides and even the use of double daylight effects without the need for LED effects. Optionally, the outer surface can be selected in matt or high gloss. Although immediate savings are difficult to measure reliably, there is no question that insulating the tubes outdoors - especially when located in particularly windy or cold areas - is worthwhile and responsible for years to come.

The new system is even simpler and therefore all the more flexible.New in 2022 is the Insuflex insulation concept, which allows the insulation material plus a printed, flexible outer skin even on existing tube chutes. Nevertheless, the connecting flanges remain accessible for the regular inspection.In addition, visual designs are easily possible. Choose from various graphics or design the look of your insulated slide yourself. Additional financing: even sponsor options with partner logos are very easy to create here and create a real eye-catcher in exposed positions of the slide. The material even allows backlighting with LED strips to make the slide look even more striking in its new look.

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