July 07/15/2022

New Record-Waterslide

Wiegand.Waterrides GmbH was contracted to replace the aging slides of an existing tower at the large Ocean Adventure water park in South Korea. As a first step, three large slide experiences already opened in 2021: a three-lane mat tumble wave slide with a length of 77m as well as a three-lane, 103m long mat racer with a previous helix and wave slide - both made of stainless steel. The third is the Body Bowl, made of GRP with surprising colourful daylight effects.

Then, in July 2022, the absolute highlight attraction opened: the largest "Fusion" slide Wiegand has ever built.  From a height of almost 69ft, a family rafting slide starts in a large tube with a diameter of 8,85ft.  Up to 5 people can slide together in a large rafting tube past daylight effects and individually designed daylight images before a huge drop leads extremely fast into the largest stainless steel "Big Bang" element ever built by Wiegand. This U-shaped half-pipe has the special feature that guests first slide in the opposite direction to the subsequent direction of travel to freely swing back and forth several times without any braking water accumulation. This guarantees maximum swings, multiple moments of weightlessness and over 15 sec. of action alone in this spectacular element. Perfectly positioned, waiting guests have an uninterrupted view off the staircase of this happening.

But as this is a hybrid slide i.e., a combination of two main elements in one slide, there is the next element waiting: right behind a curve, a second steep drop throws riders into the signature LOTUS element. Decorated with an anchor motif, this steeply rising curve in the shape of a leaf gives guests another brief feeling of weightlessness in a parabolic curve before the over 600ft-long ride ends gently in a runout pool.

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