May 05/13/2019

wiegand.maelzer GmbH becomes wiegand.waterrides GmbH

After over 12 years of successful, international and cooperative development of wiegand.maelzer GmbH, Mr. Rainer Maelzer has decided to leave the company by the end of May 2019.

With his extensive experience and professionalism, Rainer Maelzer succeeded in expanding the market position of wiegand.waterrides from a European manufacturer of waterslides to a global player. He has contributed significantly to the development and expansion of some well-known European water parks, for example the Therme Erding. In the past 5 years, wiegand.waterrides GmbH has also established itself as one of the leading suppliers for cruise ships. Today, wiegand.waterrides GmbH has customers all over the world and is considered to be one of the most innovative companies in the water park industry. Receiving of 4 prestigious awards and the highly coveted THEA Award for the SlideWheel last year has proven the success.

The longtime business partner and managing director Hendrik Wiegand has taken over the management. He is supported by the existing team and the authorized signatory Thomas Schmitt, who has 27 years of industry experience. Wiegand.waterrides GmbH would be the new name of the company. At the IAAPA Expo Asia, the company will showcase fresh design and new innovative product ideas.

For our customers, partners and service providers everything remains the same. The team of wiegand.waterrides GmbH is available at the same location, with the same service-oriented, professional and reliable, team members. The stainless steel and FRP products are still manufactured by the production company Josef Wiegand GmbH & Co.KG, and also the experienced project managers continue to be available for the projects. The goal to deliver high quality products and to provide the accustomed exceptional services from our strong team continues. In order to further advance the company’s success and better meet the demands of the market Wiegand.waterrides GmbH is planning to collaborate with WhiteWater West Industries Ltd. In April, the sale of the worldwide SlideWheel license to WhiteWater has already been successfully signed.

The team is looking forward to a promising future and assure to keep surprising you with exiting innovations. Our team is available to answer any further queries. Feel free to contact us about your future projects ideas.


Alexandra Freymann
wiegand.waterrides GmbH
Phone: +49 8151 971 33 11
Email: af@wiegandwaterrides.de / a.freymann@wiegandwaterrides.de