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Double Racer Body

The racing slide for champions. The preparation for the championship starts, adrenaline is pumping and the big question is: who will be crowned champion as families and friends compete for the ultimate glory? The competitors line up alongside each other and the only thing on their mind is "Who will win?". Two slides run perfectly mirrored and parallel alongside each other, a Formula 1 style start system brings out the competitor in everyone. Simultaneous start, vast acceleration along the straights, losing track of one another during the turns to the final sprint head to head on the broad slide to the finish ensure a unique and exciting experience. Additional features that can be incorporated are water buckets and fans that offer extra thrills. A patented sensor system allows us to illuminate the slides in different colours. The chasers slide is lit up in red whilst the leaders is green - this increases the competitive experience for both the rider and the spectator.

Material: FRP
Material: V4A