"My Dad and I are the fastest!" This is a waterslide that the whole family can enjoy together. A visit to a waterpark can leave lasting memories. Little Toni asked his mum to check the time and realised that dad's extra weight has its advantages as they clocked a faster time than when he went down with his friend Enno. Using a single or a double raft, the RR1400 can be delivered with great flexibility to suit your needs. If there is no raft available, then the guest has the option to use the slide without it. As the smallest version of our raft slides, the RR1400 is ideally suited for projects with limited space that strive to offer an increased fun factor. We are more than happy to provide you with additional effects such as Black Hole, Discoslide or acrylic elements in order to create a truly unique experience.

Material: V4A
Material: FRP