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Water play tower

Brings diversity to your children's area. We will deliver waterplay towers made from stainless steel or plastic to suit your individual wishes, needs and circumstances. The diversity comes from the different platforms that can be installed on different levels, heghts and sizes. Interactive elements, such as rotating buckets, water taps, cannons as well as floor sprinklers, fountains and head showers, will cause for non-stop action. Right at the top is the giant Tip Bucket that will refill slowly until it tips over and all the water gushes onto the roof of the tower, from where it is distributed all over the young anticipating crowd. A highlight not only for the children being drenched but also for the onlookers. This all-action entertainment tower is a common feature in large outdoor water parks around the world and it will surely become more widely spread throughout Europe in the future. Using a flatpack system allows for a complete and individual installation ranging from 3 to 15 metres in height.