Stainless Steel - V4A

 "We cannot provide information on the life expectancy of a stainless steel waterslide – we only produce them since 1981“

H. Wiegand – CEO, wiegand.waterrides GmbH

As you might already know, stainless steel waterslides have some glaring advantages:

  • Deep-drawn curves
  • Cut and polished seams
  • Smooth sliding surface without bumps
  • Corrosion- and wear-free
  • No brittleness of surfaces
  • High-quality design
  • High value of materials
  • Almost unlimited durability
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Low running costs

The stainless steel slides are fabricated from 2 mm stainless steel sheet, reference number 1.4571. All parts are welded seamless together with stainless steel welding material, the seams grinded and polished. All metal edges are rounded or provided with high-grade steel protection pipes to form a monolithic structure without joints. The support construction is made of hot-dip galvanised steel. As an alternative, upon request, we can also provide our support construction in stainless steel. 

FRP - Fiber-glass reinforced plastic

Our FRP slides are produced by hand lay-up moulding as a laminate containing a minimum of 30 % of non-oriented glass fibres. The elements have a wall thickness between 7mm and 15mm. All slide elements and butt joints are produced with a groove and tongue system to ensure an absolute fitting precision. All screwed connections are hot-dip galvanised.