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Virtual Reality Snorkeling


Enchant your guests with the unbelievable experience of virtual reality. With our newly developed and unique snorkeling mask your guests can discover a fantastic, colorful and extraordinary underwater world experience. With the VR content films “Encounter Ocean Giants” and “The Lost Thai Temple” you bring holiday atmosphere into your pool. Your guests will snorkel with gigantic humpback whales and narwhals and dive across the gigantic shipwreck of the Titanic. Or let them explore the ruins of the lost Thai temple and swim with turtles, stingrays and sharks. Together with the feeling of weightlessness of the surrounding water and the accompanying sounds, this guarantees an unforgettable and breathtaking experience. Whether alone, with a partner, in groups or the whole family, whether young or old: with our VR snorkeling system you can inspire all target groups. Our virtual reality content videos are created for all guests who want to experience the underwater world. Through a smooth and seamless image flow, our films are designed in a way that guests won’t feel unwell or experience motion sickness.

Our full-face mask is easy to handle and comfortable to wear. The mask lacks a conventional snorkel mouth-piece and instead allows the guest to breath freely through nose and mouth. This also allows people with hygienic hesitations to classic snorkel mouth-pieces or people who struggle with breathing through a classic snorkel mouth-piece to enjoy this experience in a relaxed manner. The complete system has been tested and developed at the highest technical standard and consists of a full-face mask, a cell phone, headphones and a floatation aid with mounting device. Turn your swimming pool into an exciting underwater world. Our VR-System is uncomplicated and easy to install and operate.