On the 7th of July, after more than one year of planning and construction works the BIG WAVE waterslide from wiegand.waterrides could finally celebrate its  Grand Opening at the Therme Erding.
The BIG WAVE unites two famous products of wiegand.waterrides: the SIDEWINDER and the URKNALL, latter built for the first time as an open version at the Therme Erding.
The giant hybrid summer slide can be used with single and also with double- rafts, and is constructed of 26 tons of stainless steel and 45 tons of galvanized steel.
Alone the URKNALL part has gigantic measurements of 20 meters on 14 meters. The BIG WAVE is currently the longest raft waterslide in Germany, starting at 18 meters height and being 180 meters long.
With 45 km/h top speed one can reach up to 3G, assuring an unforgettable adrenaline- and action-filled experience combined with fast turns and pendulum movements during the ride.
This spectacular ride is a renewed proof of the professionalism and engineering expertise of the German waterslide manufacturer wiegand.waterrides GmbH with a full service guarantee of 5 years. No joints, no maintenance works required!

Material: V4A
Age from 15