The Lotus slide - with this attraction, guests will be sent on one or more oversized petals. High speeds, deep jumps and weightless moments create an indescribable tingling in the stomach. You are sitting face to face in a 4-person raft and get the chance to see your fellow riders facial features derail joyfully. The slide can also be used with a 1, 2 or 3-person raft. The Lotus slide is not only a visual highlight, it also impresses thanks to its size in every water park. The FRP parts and steel structure are shaped so that a comparatively realistic theming is possible as a blossom or a beech leaf. It is even feasible to let the rafts swing from one petal to the other to increase the desired thrill effect.

НОВИНКА: теперь также доступен компактный семейный плот с 3 шинами и еще более компактный с 1 шиной!

Material: FRP