Tried and tested: The tubeslide RR1200. Customers often ask: "Which slide is tried and tested and has delivered continuously in successful and profitable waterparks?" The tubeslide RR1200, manufactured from fibre glass reinforced plastic (FRP), will always be the first in line. What does it offer that marks it out as a true highlight? Even though they are widespread, their popularity is due to their appeal to all age groups. Perfectly planned, this system can be delivered with or without seams and offers a wide range of customisable options. These options range from jumps, quick turns, lap timing, daylight and a variety of light effects. This ensures that your RR1200 will garantee an exciting experience for novices as well as experienced sliders. By customising your RR1200 to your requirements, you can make your slide truely unique and stand out from the crowd. We also offer the option that the outside of the slide is delivered in a smooth finish or insulated.

Material: FRP