Regular service and maintenance of your waterslide enhances the lifetime duration significantly and keeps safety standards for your guests on a high level. According to the norm for waterslides DIN EN 1069 an inspection with a yearly repetition is compulsory. This inspection needs to be carried out by officially qualified technicians for maintenance procedures.


Book the maintenance or inspection with a single order or ask for a maintenance contract on a regular basis. With a maintenance contract, wiegand.waterrides takes the responsibility of the customer for the compliance of inspections with appropriate documentation. Our extensive service team covers the complete needs and provides any maintenance service which is necessary for your waterslide. The team consists of

• Certified specialist staff for stainless-steel and FRP
• Trained industrial climbers with certificate (FiSAT)
• Qualified welders according to EN ISO 9606/1
• Trained electricians for industrial engineering
• Certified technicians (ipaf) for assembly tasks with working platforms


Next to the execution of repair works for wiegand.waterrides products we also offer those services for third party products, thanks to our vast experience. Damages to the slide itself, the landing pool or the stairs, fragile joints or aged acrylic elements - our highly qualified service technicians will have the right solution for your product.

• Revision and renewal services of joints with chlorine-resistant material
• Conversion from soft joints to rigid joints for more durability and zero leakage
• Revision, removal of damages and bursts in the sliding surface
• Revision of staircases and steel constructions
• Removing corrosion
• Repair of electronic components


Occasionally during annual TÜV (= independent technical approval institution) inspections, complaints besides the officers can occur, when the slides are not maintained properly. Those objected faults can be corrected by our qualified personnel according to the TÜV inspection protocol.


With our services we enable a longer life duration of your slide and bring those to the latest standards for reaching the following advantages:

• Cost-saving due to longer lifetime of your slide and more return on investment
• Visual upgrading and increasing of the attractiveness of your slide
• Up to date safety standards for operators, employees, and guests


We take care of the cleaning procedures and provide this professional service to your slide.

• Polishing of damaged spots
• Cleaning of your slide indoor and outdoor
• Making the slides ready for the season-opening


The innovative SlideWash system cleans and treats your slide effectively and effortlessly. This device is not less than a revolution in surface cleaning of stainless-steel and FRP slides.


We can offer a variety of modifications of your existing slide or providing additional elements, such as

• Improvement of safety standards
• Replacement of defective slide elements
• Attachment of spatter guards
• Installation of the LifeLine safety system
• Upgrading of time-controlled traffic light system to sensor-controlled traffic lights


The flexible rail system by Taurus provides higher safety standards for you and your employees while cleaning the slides. The system can be installed at almost all existing FRP and stainless-steel slides.


We proudly offer you a wide range of accessories and spare parts. Please don’t hesitate to contact our qualified sales staff, we will be happy to assist you with our knowledge.

• Information boards
• Light sources
• Bolted connections
• Sliding rafts and sliding mats