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Tumble Wave Slide

For the entire family. "Mummy, check out how good I am at water sliding". The Tumble Wave Slide allows parents to keep an eye on their children at all times and they have the opportunity to slide down together. This is what makes this slide stand out. Its unrivalled family-friendliness ensures that everyone has an unforgettable experience together, thereby increasing the appeal of your watepark to young families. We recommend this attraction to our customers as an integral part of leisure centres and waterparks as it has established itself in the most successful facilities. In recent years this slide has gained a greater market share than any other product on offer. Apart from the appeal to a wide range of customers, there is another convincing argument as this product offers excellent value for money. Another advantage is the high throughput and low water consumption that is achieved by this product. We recommend that wave slides are made from stainless steel rather than FRP because they can be delivered seamless, which makes for a more comfortable experience and minimises maintenance.

Material: FRP
Material: V4A