Our customers often tell us about "speed fans" who travel long distances in order to experience this particular thrill. If a high speed adventure is what you are looking for, then look no further than this fibreglass reinforced plastic slide. If you want to go faster, up to 60 km/h, then this high-speed classic is the one for you. Even if your start height is 20 metres or below, this system will deliver. In order to ensure that only the turbo slide junkie is soaked rather then all the onlookers, we offer a macrolon covering for the run out. High-speed waterslides require maximum safety at all times, therefore we offer a turnstile system at start and finish as well as CCTV and a double LED traffic light system. The difference to the Freefall slide is that the user goes from a vertical to a horizontal position ensuring maximum thrill through the turns.

Material: FRP