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The fall protection system

The flexible Taurus rail system from Innotech offers people in areas at risk of falling a chance to secure themselves. The system ensures safety with its optimal position of the movable attachment point and of the revolving glider. The rail system can be adapted to almost any existing waterlslide up to a curve-radius of 500 mm. A retrofit of existing slides is also possible. With the help of the glider and a suitable belt system, the employee is always secured despite great freedom of movement over the entire track. The system is state-of-the-art certified and maintenance-free using closed ball bearings. In the Therme Erding in 2018 the first outdoor slides were equipped with our new system. The employees of the spa thus have the opportunity to carry out the maintenance work on the open slides with maximum freedom of movement and safety.
Soon the open slides in the interior should be equipped with our security system too.

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