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Virtual Reality Snorkeling

wiegand.waterrides is proud to present DIVR - a world-first virtual reality snorkeling attraction from Ballast VR. DIVR allows water parks and resorts to transform any ordinary pool into a vibrant, exciting attraction that allows guest to have a full-body sensory experience which takes them on a journey through coral reefs, shipwrecks and underwater caves in exotic locations. Guests will swim alongside turtles, mesmerizing fish, manta rays and massive whales to see a new world that was previously only accessible to advanced scuba divers in remote dive spots around the world.

When submerged in water, virtual reality experiences become more powerful than ever before. With a zero-gravity sensation, guests feel as if they are flying through strange but magical worlds. With virtual reality snorkeling, even guests who are ordinarily sensitive or may become diso-riented by VR find a uniquely comfortable and compelling experience.Ballast Technologies, Inc. has pioneered the world‘s first aquatic virtual reality solutions and has a patent pending for their specialized underwater VR headset. Their first commercial experience, the VRSlide, launched at Therme Erding in March 2018, welcoming over 70,000 thrilled guests in the first six months.