February 02/05/2023

wiegand.waterrides continues Van Egdom product range

Wiegand.Waterrides is known for highly innovative novelties in the water slide segment. Interactive games on slides, individual and sustainable stainless steel creations, combinations, the revolutionary SlideWheel and currently the spectacular SlideCoaster with rapid LSM acceleration technology. With over 40 years of experience, the Wiegand family business has now been given the opportunity to take over the proven products of the Dutch company Van Egdom. Van Egdom Recreatietechniek B.V. was founded in 1965 as a family business and initially offered filter systems for pools. When Berend Klaassens bought the company in 1977, the market had changed. Pool operators wanted more! The very first water slide was created for the then Sporthuis Centrum - now CenterParcs Het Meerdal - and was only 35m long. Since then, 7,500 projects have been implemented in 55 countries.

Owner of Wiegand.Waterrides, Hendrik Wiegand, says: "Both their classic and latest products combined with the European experience with consideration of all applicable EU standards convinced us. We have been very strong in the field of stainless steel water slides for 40 years and started building GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) slides 15 years ago. We are excited to combine Van Egdom’s long experience with ours and now significantly strengthen our portfolio in this field. Existing Van Egdom customers can count on us when it comes to product care and replacements."

There will be intensive one-on-one meetings with Van Egdom staff now shortly. In future, the slides will additionally be manufactured at Wiegand.Waterrides' existing production facility. The moulds for spectacular and proven water slide concepts will be retained, including:

Europe's unique giant 4-person funnel slide "Cyclone" with a diameter of 19m (57ft)/ White water rivers with several special features / Cone water slide: with 2-person slide hoops through several funnels in the slide course / Children's water play concepts with towers, various slides etc. / Bowl water slide for 1-person and 2-person tubes / Water wave slide with boats for amusement parks

For these new slides in the Wiegand.Waterrides product family, the exciting theming usual for Wiegand is now possible with elaborate GRP patterns (e.g. zebra stripes!), themed elements, sound, gaming, the latest LED effects, Wie-Spray water surprises and the innovative Wie-Glow© black light technology! Of course, the insulation options are also now available such as the sandwich insulation or the new Insuflex© flexible insulation.


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